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Fields of application
Hot-rolled reinforcing steel with ribbed periodical sections is used for the reinforcement of concrete for elements and structures made of reinforced and pre-compressed concrete. Poles, rings, beams, slabs, walls, precast elements, buttresses are made from it. Due to the special composition of this steel it offers the advantage of a higher rezistence, allowing to use lesser quantity than in the case of similar products.
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Reinforcing steel with periodic profile must have on its surface diametral opposed longitudinal ribs, with constant dimensions on the whole length and helical ribs, in a repeating pattern in each meter. The helical ribs are arranged in the same direction on both halves of the profile.
BST 500 reinforcing steel has a higher minimum yield strength (500 N/mm2) and tensile strength (550 N/mm2) due to its chemical composition.
On the surface of the product a thin layer of oxide is allowed, with the condition, that after the cleaning, the resulted thickness must not fall under the allowed minimum. Ruptures in the ribs are not allowed, but unevenness resulting from the calibration is admitted, provided that the dimensions of the profile fall within the allowed range.
Reinforcing steel is delivered in bundles or in case of nominal diameters of maximum 12 mm also in coils.
Available size 8 mm – 32 mm

Mechanical properties

BST 500 S Re N/mm2 Rm N/mm2 A5 %
500 550 10

Chemical composition

BST 500 S C Si Mn S P Ti or Nb
0,22 0,05 0,05

Size (mm) Weight (kg/m)
8 0.40
10 0.62
12 0.89
14 1.21
16 1.58
18 1.99
20 2.46
22 2.98
25 3.85
28 4.84
32 6.31

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